About US
qw Fastening Systems specializes in the design, manufacture & distribution of gas fuel cells to suit all the major brands and models of Gas powered nailing and fixing tools on the market. We focus on constant innovation of Gas Fuel Cell Technology and are agnostic of the tool & nail manufacturers used with our products. Our highly motivated team of professionals are ready to respond to the markets needs in this ever changing and competitive environment.
The Board of Directors, having substantial experience in the field, recognized the opportunity to supply fuel cells for portable nail tools. Impact Fastening Systems was incorporated to manufacture a range of fuel cells under license.

This design specification was demanding, but after several years in development and subsequent field trials, we were able to produce a fuel cell that is complimentary to all tools available in the market.

Our business approach is one of mutual benefit, where we work with you; our customer; to help build your business by supplying and manufacturing a quality product that meets your market demands.

We are very proud of our product, and we guarantee every product that leaves our doors is fit for purpose. Your Success is Our Success.

Product Benefits


  • Performance: Proven product performance as attested to by our customers.
  • Metering cap: Is tested in our factory before dispatch to our customers.
  • Fuel: Fuel mix is optimized for regional (climatic) performance.
  • Fuel Manufacturer: We have our in house gas manufacturing column, which allows us to produce clean burning fuel with no residue on combustion. All 'heavy green house gases' are removed at the factory through our column.
  • Lubrication: Highest quality lubricant is in every cell dispatched from our factory.
  • Automated Assembly: Cells are manufactured on automated assembly lines to design specifications. The company has invested heavily in technology to ensure we deliver a quality product with competitive pricing. The plant has been supplied by a world leader in aerosol filling equipment from USA to meet our exacting standards.
  • Testing in line: Each cell is subjected to a raft of demanding tests to assure design specifications are adhered to. Substantial investment has been made in custom test equipment to assure a product quality exceeding 1% AQL.
  • Products: Produce a full range of gas Fuel Cells comprising Framer, Concrete, Brad & Stapler.
  • Quality: The introduction of rigorous product dispatch testing (to AQL <1%) minimizes the risk of defective product reaching the consumer and assures manufacturing process controls to achieve the product design specifications.
  • OEM: q  Fastening Systems offers its customers the ability to have their own logo / brand printed onto the cells with relatively low threshold volumes.
  • Purpose built automated assembly lines: Produce consistent product manufactured within specified design parameters.
  • Test Equipment: In line custom designed testing equipment assures a better than 1% AQL.
  • Fuel Preparation: A custom designed distillation column ensures all fuel is cleaned of any unwanted hydrocarbons, to ensure high tool performance.
  • Laboratory: A fully equipped test laboratory is available for on-going product research and development. All outgoing product orders are tested for compliance with performance & quality standards.
  • Quality Assurance: Impact Fastening Systems is AN ISO accredited company. Maintenance of product specifications, test procedures, and test records are mandatory, with test laboratory and specialized equipment for product testing and out-going product dispatch test procedures.
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