Products : Design
Metering valve

Designed to ensure consistent performance with all tools on the market.

Manufactured from high quality plastic materials assuring correct functions under severe weather conditions. Carefully engineered to ensure no gas loss at the coupling point.

Male valve assembly
This design is constructed to couple with the spigot on the measuring valve. The valve assembly is hydraulically crimped onto the aluminium can creating a small pressure vessel. After being set in a sealed crimping head it is charged with a specially formulated propellant, which stays in the can for the life of the cell (this gas can be removed) and keeps the gas mix under a constant, regulated pressure. This homogeneous pressure causes the gas mix to be delivered to the measuring valve at  a fixed rate, giving the user maximum shots from the cell and maximum output power. Each  Fuel Cell is individually tested after filling to ensure no defective or incomplete product is delivered into the market.

Multi laminated foil bag
The bag is made of laminating aluminium foil with a high quality plastic film to enable a high strength bond to be made along all seems, particularly at the point of connection with the female valve assembly. All bags are checked automatically for defects during the assembly process, so the end user can be confident in getting the maximum shots out of each cell. The foil bag  is charged with the  mix after the bag on valve assembly  has been hydraulically crimped to the Aluminium can.

Aluminium Can
The body is formed from a high quality alloy aluminium slug or disc via extrusion process. Fuel Cell has the thickest wall (0,45 mm) on the market providing additional safety in the harsh work environment of the construction industry. Each batch of the product is marked with date of manufacture, individual batch number and unique bar code for retail sales.