g Fuel Cells fit all major brands of gas powered cordless nail guns. Paslode®, Senco®, BeA®, Hitachi®, Bostitch®, Powers®, MAX®, Basso Tools®, Simpson Strong Tie®

  Zero Gas
Operating Stability
In Harsh Climate
High Temp
Low Temp
Gas Volume

  d Fuel Cells

d d  50dc  d 40 g
  Market Leader d d 49dc - -
  German Manufacturer d d 50dc - 40 g
  USA Manufacturer d d 50dc - -
  NZ Manufacture X XX 50dc - 40 g
  PRC (China) X XX - - 40 g
   X  : Leakage Due to inferior manufacturing
           processes & controls
The Chart above details clearly the technical differences between  logo Fuel Cells and all others on the market.
   XX : Inferior bag on valve material used which
            effects stability of cell
The  logo  advantage:

    _   :  Not stated by manufacturer
Zero Gas loss
Stable in all operating temperatures
Best performance in low temperatures
Long Shelf Life
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